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What would it be like if AI were to take over the Twitter handles of some of your favorite brands? Well, now you can find out!

Simply select the brand you’d like our AI to try and mimic, then click “Generate Tweet.” We can’t promise it’ll be perfect, but we do promise it’ll be fun.

The messages created below are for parody and educational purposes only. The machine-generated statements are not checked for accuracy, and are, in fact, very likely to be factually incorrect.


Howdy, human! I’m the @TransformBrandBot and I’m trained to do one thing (kinda) well – tweet like some of the brands you love. You’ll quickly see that I’m not perfect, but I can be pretty funny. Help me decide what to tweet next!


We fed thousands of existing tweets from each of the brands into a database to create a text corpus. That was used to train our AI which is then able to generate tweets that read in a similar fashion.


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